Want to Learn How to Communicate with Plant Consciousness?

In this free workshop on How to Learn Plant Language, we’ll explore:

  • The steps to learn the language of plant consciousness and how to directly listen and talk to plants
  • A guided plant meditation (you just need to bring an herbal preparation of some sort: tea, tincture, flower essence, etc.)
  • How the wisdom of the plants can support you in your life’s work at this pivotal time on the planet


    Hi, I’m Sara Artemisia,
    I help wellness professionals and empaths learn the energetic language of plants and how to work in collaboration with the conscious wisdom of Nature. 

    I’m a Plant Spirit Wisdom Teacher, Akashic Flower Essence Practitioner, and host of the Plant Spirit Podcast. I’ve been coaching people to move through obstacles and connect more deeply with the Earth and their inner guidance for over fourteen years.

    And I deeply love the land and place where I live, which is the traditional ancestral homelands of the Takelma and Shasta people in Southern Oregon.
    Having always felt connected to Nature and the sacred foundation of life, I share this work with people like you on the journey of understanding how the conscious wisdom of Nature can help you fully embody an experience of joy and purpose.

    Are you ready to deepen in your healing path with plant consciousness?